Frequently Asked Questions

“An owner should feel confident and trust their rep has both the project and their best interests at heart.”

— Ray Scott, AIA NCARB Principal

Should I hire an Owners Representative?

If you seek peace of mind and full liability coverage of your project, an owner’s representative is a valuable relationship. Because of their unique expertise and experience in managing the day-to-day activities of development projects OR’s save owners valuable time and resources.

The goal of an owner’s representative is to ensure successful completion of the project and that the owners’ interests are reflected in every decision. This includes in every phase of development.

What should I look for in an Owners Representative?

Ideally, someone you trust and can hand over the day-to-day project decision making too. As your representative on the project, an OR must be adept in managing architecture, design, engineering, budgets, and project scheduling while maintaining impeccable organization, communication, and leadership skills.

Who benefits from engaging an Owners Representative?

Typically, single, or multiple franchise owners, project investors, and private owners. Engaging a qualified owner’s representative will not only ensure project accuracy and efficiency, but a return on your investment.

How can hiring the right Owners Representative impact your project?

With effective management of time, resources, and money, an owner’s representative ensures full project documentation, delivery, accuracy, met budgets, and established project objectives and goals.

An owner’s rep can explain complex issues to key leadership while handling any conflict resolution. From cost oversights to challenging personalities, a qualified owner’s representative keeps the owner and investors out this role.